I have seen an acceleration in clients wanting to switch or upgrade to a VOIP solution.

What is VOIP? “Voice Over IP” is utilizing your existing data network for a phone system. That is not the main reason to switch. There are many factors that contribute to this decision.

  1. Cost – There can be a significant cost saving from the traditional phone systems after the initial investment. There is a much greater ROI for a VOIP solution. Choosing between an on premise appliance or a hosted solution would be a variable in long term costs.
  2. Control – The business has more control over how the phone system works for your business.
  3. Features – The features all depend on the VOIP solution you choose, but there are many more options available for the business to customize a customer call experience.
  4. Flexibility – Changes and updates to a VOIP solution can be easy and simple for the business to make without having to call for help to the telephone system provider.

I have found a company to partner with that provides all the features and benefits of a VOIP solution, without charging you for every little feature that some do.

Digium has an on premise and hosted solutions to meet the individual business needs.

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